Darknoid Project

Darknoid Text

Darknoid is an innovative FPS video game with great actions and nervous gameplay

Darknoid death game over animation

The Darknoid Project is a third-person video game that is largely inspired by video games such as Super Hot, Katana Zero, etc…
The universe of this fantastic game is also inspired by excellent films such as The Matrix, Crank High Voltage, Jumper, John Wick, etc …
so basically continuous action with life/stamina going down constantly and going up a bit with each kill or going down faster using skills like dash, etc … or worse …
The player Life which drops even faster as soon as the player is hit by enemies, which will offer a completely new gameplay full of strong emotions inside an incredible adventure full of actions and suspense that you will never forget!

Darknoid Game Screenshot of Japanese Temple Shrine (Jinja)
Darknoid Game Screenshot of Japanese Temple Shrine (Jinja) with a white color style which brings out other colors among the decor details